• Quality assurance and testing are
    the most important part of fastener
    manufacturing.At our company we incorporate
    the best test methods to analyse the fastener.


  • Elite team, has a strong R&D team,
    innovation capability, 10 years experience.


  • Complete packaging to ensure products
    quality , and transport to the destination
    in the first.

JiaXing Sunrise Import&Export Co.,Ltd

Jiaxing Sunrise lmport & Export Co.,Ltd. was established in 2018.Our company focuses on the research and development, production, sales, and after-sales serviceof automation equipment.
The company mainly produces a series of products such as high-speed nail making machine, nail coiling machine, wire drawing machine, thread rolling machine, etc. After three years of continuous research and development bold innovation, and excellence by our company's designteam, it has completely got rid of the traditional low-speed nail making machine.After rigorous and rigorous durability tests, a new high-speed nail-making machine is now avail-able.This new high-speed nail-making machine is three times more efficient than the traditional nail-making machine.The company's nail coiling machine, wire drawing machine, thread rolling machine, etc. are continuously optimized under the expert team to improve product performance. While pursuing high speed, it strictiy controls quality, saves costs for customers, increases output and increases profits. Have a high reputation.
The company has always followed the concept of "Quality First" and always regarded "Customer First" as its purpose. Since the establishment of the company, the products have been sold all over the country and havebeen well received by customers.Jiaxing Sunrise sin-cerely cooperates with friends from all walks of life to go hand in hand with its superb technology and perfect after-sales service.

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