Deputy Director of the Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade Visited Our Exhibition Area


Brno, Czech Republic – In a display of strengthened diplomatic and trade relations, Mr. Liu Haiyan, Commercial Counsellor at the Chinese Embassy in the Czech Republic, accompanied the Czech Deputy Minister of Trade on a tour of the trade fair held in Brno. During this visit, the delegation made a special stop at the exhibition booth of Jiaxing Sunrise, a distinguished Chinese manufacturer specializing in advanced screw production machinery.

Fostering Bilateral Trade Ties:

Mr. Liu Haiyan, known for his commitment to fostering bilateral trade and economic collaboration between China and the Czech Republic, led the delegation during the visit to the trade fair. The purpose of the visit was to explore opportunities for collaboration and strengthen ties in the trade and industrial sector.

Highlighting Chinese Technological Advancements:

The delegation showed a keen interest in the offerings of Jiaxing Sunrise, particularly its innovative screw production machinery. Mr. Liu Haiyan and the accompanying Czech Deputy Minister of Trade engaged in a detailed discussion about the technological advancements and capabilities showcased by Jiaxing Sunrise. They also witnessed live demonstrations of the machinery, further appreciating the precision and efficiency it brings to the production process.

Encouragement for Future Collaborations:

Expressing optimism about the potential for collaboration, Mr. Liu Haiyan commended the efforts of Jiaxing Sunrise in promoting cutting-edge technologies. He emphasized the importance of such initiatives in enhancing the economic ties between China and the Czech Republic and encouraged more collaborations between Chinese and Czech enterprises.

Acknowledging a Pioneering Presence:

The visit underscored the pioneering presence of Jiaxing Sunrise in the international market and its contribution to promoting technology and innovation on a global scale. Jiaxing Sunrise looks forward to leveraging this engagement to foster stronger trade ties and explore potential partnerships that align with both nations' economic interests.


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